Sperlari Italian Anice Hard Candy (2.2 Pound Bulk Bag)

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This Italian Anise Candy is sweet and refreshing

This gluten-free Italian candy has a licorice-like flavor that pairs well with herbal or black tea.

Display this Italian hard candy in a candy bowl at your home or office.

Savor licorice flavor anytime with Sperlari Italian Anise Hard Candy. These refreshing mint candies are hard-coated with anise, the bitter but beloved Calabrian specialty. Individually wrapped, these anise-flavored candies can travel on the go, or stay in a glass bowl for Nonna to distribute.

Add these Italian candies to a holiday dessert platter, alongside chocolate, candied fruit, and cookies. Enjoy them as a refreshing after-dinner sweet. Or bring a bag of these anise candies on a road trip, picnic, or weekend outing. These Italian candies also make a thoughtful choice for a gift basket.


1 Bag - 2.2 lbs


Product of Italy

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