Straight from France Goose Fat from Southwest France, 12 oz

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This French Goose Fat is a gourmet cooking fat

This type of fat has a rich flavor that's still subtle enough to allow other ingredients to shine.

This fat works as an alternative in recipes that call for duck fat and other kinds of animal fat.

Straight from France Goose Fat is a high-quality cooking fat from the southwest of France. This type of fat is praised for its rich flavor that's still subtle enough to not overpower other ingredients. Use a small amount of this fat to roast, sauté, or braise a variety of savory recipes.

Roasted potatoes with goose fat is a traditional recipe that's easy to prepare and modify. Enjoy the simple yet flavorful combination of potatoes, goose fat, and sea salt. Or add rosemary, green onions, or other aromatics for a more robust recipe.


100% Filtered Goose Fat from cage-free geese 


12 oz


Product of France


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