Strega Torrone Tenero Soft Nougat Bar, 150g

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These Soft Torrone Candies are flavored with Strega liqueur

These nougat candies are covered in a layer of rich chocolate.

Share these Italian nougat candies in a decorative candy bowl or jar.

Strega Torrone Tenero Soft Nougat Bar is an Italian nougat candy bar covered in chocolate and flavored with Strega liqueur. This rich and soft Italian candy has notes of mint, juniper, saffron, and other aromatics used to make Strega's liqueur.

Pair this high-quality nougat candy with a cup of coffee or tea. Savor a few pieces with a glass of dessert wine. Serve them as part of a dessert platter with salted caramels, fresh berries, and shortbread cookies. Or enjoy these chocolate-covered nougats as toppings for yogurt parfaits and ice cream sundaes.

Looking for a present for someone with a sweet tooth? Add these Italian candies to a gift basket with a selection of other sweet and savory snacks.


150g - 25 Pieces


Product of Italy


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