Strykk Not V*dka Vanilla Non Alcoholic Drink, 700mL

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Strykk Not V*dka is flavored with Madagascar Vanilla Beans

Enjoy the 100% natural flavor of vanilla vodka without any of the alcohol.

Strykk's non-alcoholic drink mixers allow you to prepare delicious cocktails that are completely alcohol-free.

A non-alcoholic vanilla vodka flavored mixer with other natural flavors, Strykk Not V*dka is infused with Madagascar Vanilla Beans. It has a sweet buttery and toffee aroma with a warming capsicum finish. Try this non-alcoholic vodka alternative in any cocktail recipes that call for the alcoholic spirit like a seasonal peppermint or chocolate martini. For a simple yet refreshing alcohol-free drink, sweeten this non-alcoholic alternative to vodka with simple syrup and pour over ice in a small glass.

Filtered water, glycerine, natural flavors and distillates, acid: phosphoric acid, preservatives: Sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate, salt. Suitable for vegans


    Product of England

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