Supermarketitaly "Chanteclair Cleaning Spray" Bundle

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Get all corners of your house and office sparkling clean with Supermarket Italy's Chanteclair bundle. Stock up on six different types of cleaning spray, including environmentally friendly Chanteclair Vert products. Feel fully equipped to take on dirty areas with specific surface cleaners and universal degreasers.


  • Chanteclair Universal Degreaser Lemon Scent, 20 oz
  • Chanteclair Vert Eco Cleaner Bathroom Spray, 16.9 oz
  • Chanteclair Vert Ecodetergente Sgrassatore All-Purpose Degreaser, 21.1 oz
  • Chanteclair Sgrassatore All-Purpose Degreaser, 625 ml
  • Chanteclair Universal Degreaser Lavendar Scent, 20 oz
  • Chanteclair Universal Anti-Limescale White Vinegar, 21.1 oz

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