Swiss Knight L'Original Swiss Cheese Fondue, 14 oz

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Swiss Knight Fondue is the original melted cheese dish

Warm Swiss cheese makes a silky, buttery dip for charcuterie boards.

Soft cheese fondue is perfect for savoring breads, vegetables, and cured meats.

Fondue is a melted cheese dish originating in Switzerland, and now a beloved wintertime tradition around the world! Creamy and rich, Swiss Knight L'Original Swiss Cheese Fondue is a perfect dish for holiday parties and cozy winter nights. Try it as part of a festive cheese board.

Swiss Knight cow's milk cheese is easy to prepare: All you need to do is boil in a pan, fondue pot, or even a microwave. Dip vegetables, breads, cured meats, and even other types of cheese. Swiss Knight is best paired with a glass of dry white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc.

Switzerland Swiss Cheese (cultured cow's milk, salt, enzymes), white wine, water, potato starch, kirsch brandy, salt, sodium phosphate, spices. Pasteurized.

14oz / 400g

Product of Switzerland

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