Le Superbe Swiss Peak Alpine Cheese, 5 lb.

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Add artisan Alpine Cheese to a variety of recipes

This authentic, Alpine-style Swiss cheese can be used as an alternative to Gruyere.

Serve on a cheese board, or melt into a delicious mac and cheese dish.

Swiss Peak® Alpine Cheese is made from farm fresh raw milk from grass fed cows that is turned into artisan cheese at a local dairy, without the use of any artificial additives and is aged with the traditional method. This cheese also has excellent melting characteristics with a smooth consistency and a slightly elastic texture. This style of cheese is great for both hot and cold recipes. It can be used in any dish that calls for Gruyere.

Perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches, this type of cheese can also be enjoyed on charcuterie boards with thinly sliced deli meats. Add it to a toasted sandwich or grilled panini. Or simply savor it with fresh fruit and crackers. Pair with a glass of wine, a cold wheat beer, or a sweet hard cider.

    5 lb.


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