Tamicon Tamarind Concentrate, 14 oz (400g)

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This Tamarind Concentrate has a sweet and sour flavor

This concentrated tamarind juice can be used in a variety of African, Indian, and Southeast Asian dishes.

Try this tamarind in soups, sauces, drinks, and more.

High in nutrients such as Vitamin B, Tamarind fruit is a sweet yet sour fruit widely used in African and Indian dishes. Tamicon Tamarind Concentrate is 100 percent naturally made from real Tamarind.

Use tamarind concentrate to flavor chutneys, soups, and sambhar. It is also a key ingredient for making Worcestershire sauce.

You can also use this tamarind to make a refreshing iced tea that's perfect for the summer. Or even mix a spoonful into a cocktail like a mojito or Moscow mule for a sweet and tangy beverage.

Types of Concentrate:

Tamicon Tamarind Natural Concentrate


400 grams (14 oz)


Product of India

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