Tescoma Pomegranate Deseeder Presto

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This Pomegranate Deseeder makes it easy to separate seeds

Use this pomegranate seed remover for fruit juices, smoothies, yogurt, and any other recipe that calls for fresh pomegranate. 

Enjoy a bowl of pomegranate seeds as a tangy topping or light snack.

Founded in Italy, Tescoma supplies home and kitchen goods to households around the world. Whether you are looking for stainless steel knives, pots and pans, or helpful kitchen gadgets such as pizza cutters, Tescoma offers a range of expertly designed products to suit your culinary needs.

Whether you enjoy pomegranate seeds or just the juice, Tescoma Pomegranate Deseeder Presto will make preparation of this delicious fruit much easier. Slice a pomegranate in half and place over the specially designed grate to remove seeds into a bowl below. 

Enjoy pomegranate seeds as a snack, and mix the remaining pomegranate fruit in smoothies, yogurts, and more. Or deseed pomegranates to add the seeds to fruit punch and sweet liqueur recipes. You can also use fresh pomegranate juice to make grenadine syrup, an ingredient used in numerous cocktail recipes.


6.3 x 4.25 x 6.3 inches


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