Toschi Baba in Lemoncello Jar, 14.11 oz

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For centuries the Amalfianas have made Baba, a small sweet cake made with yeast, and paired it with various toppings such as cream and limoncello. This dessert is rich, sweet, and extremely flavorful.

Types of Candied Fruit:
Toschi Baba in Lemoncello

Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, baba' ("0" wheat flour, eggs, vegetable margarine (vegetable oils and fats: Palm and sunflower, water, acidity corrector: citrus acid, flavorings), sugar, salt, natural yeast), alcohol, infusion of lemon rinds, flavorings, antioxidant: L-ascorbic acid, contain gluten. Anhydre total: 38 ml

14.11 oz.

Product of Italy

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