Villa Jerada Aleppo Pepper, 2.1 oz

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These Aleppo Pepper Flakes are spicy and flavorful

These peppers are great for adding heat to any of your favorite Mediterranean and Middle Eastern recipes.

Enjoy these Aleppo-style chili pepper flakes in stews, meat dishes, and more.

Aleppo peppers, which are grown near the Syrian-Turkish border, have become a hot commodity in the culinary world. In addition to being somewhat spicy, Villa Jerada Aleppo spice has a unique flavor and oily texture due to the peppers being sprayed with oil and salt while they dry.

Use these peppers as a substitute for chili flakes in any recipe. Try using these crushed red peppers to make Middle Eastern or Mediterranean cuisine. Add a mild heat and bold flavor to roasted vegetable dishes. Give stews and soups a robust taste and vibrant red color. Or sprinkle these Aleppo chilies over burgers, sandwiches, and wraps.

You can even mix these peppers with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice for a delicious salad dressing. Use them to make a unique dry-rub for grilled meats and portobello mushrooms. Enjoy it in a marinade for any of your favorite proteins. Or toss it in a finishing sauce for a rice dish with a robust flavor profile.


Aleppo pepper


2.1 oz (60g)


Product of USA


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