Villa Jerada Sumac, 2.1 oz

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This Sumac Seasoning has a floral, slightly acidic flavor

Use this powdered fruit in both sweet and savory recipes.

This ingredient is commonly found in a variety of Middle Eastern recipes.

Cherry and citrus overtones can be found in this wild red fruit native to Turkey. In place of lemons, tamarinds and vinegars, Villa Jerada Sumac is an excellent alternative. It is usually enjoyed with Zaa'tar or yogurt, although it can also be used with lamb, poultry or fish, or even tossed in with a salad.

Sumac is a staple ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine. Use a dash of sumac in dry-rubs or marinades for grilled meats to both tenderize the meat and add a touch of acidity. Try it in Greek yogurt- or cheese-based dips for crackers and pita bread. Or even enjoy a pinch of this powdered fruit on a toasted baguette appetizer with cream cheese and dry-cured meat.

You can also add sumac to sweet recipes. Use it to add an extra layer of flavor to a bowl of ice cream or a yogurt parfait with granola.




2.1 oz (60g)


Product of USA


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