Vitali Prosciutto di Modena DOP, 17 lb.


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Vitali Prosciutto di Modena is an authentic Italian delicacy

The distinct flavor and texture of this Italian meat comes from the climate of the Apennine Mountains and a perfected curing process.

This thinly sliced cured meat makes a remarkable addition to a charcuterie board.

Vitali Prosciutto di Modena was given DOP status back in 1996. This is a special certification that guarantees the high quality and authenticity of the meat. Vitali Prosciutto di Modena is watched closely throughout every step of the production process and each ham is individually inspected for quality.

The unique flavor of this Italian prosciutto is a result of the climate of the Apennine Mountains. Made from the hind legs of select hogs, this cured pork is savory, sweet, and salty, but not quite as briny as other types of prosciutto.

Pair this sliced prosciutto with melons and sharp or smoky cheese, and a pinch of coarse sea salt on a charcuterie platter. Add this genuine Italian ham to your favorite pasta or risotto recipes. Or simply savor each bite with a glass of wine.

17 lb.


About Vitali:
Benito Vitali first began working in the meat production business shortly after World War II. Over the decades, his small butcher shop turned into a large operation specifically tailored to dry-curing Italian meat, from prosciutto to salami. Vitali now uses both traditional techniques and modern processes to produce the best meat products possible.

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