Woodford Reserve Mint Julep Simple Syrup, 16 oz

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Mint Julep Syrup gives cocktails a refreshing sweetness

Use this simple syrup in a mint julep, mojito, or your favorite classic cocktail.

Woodford Reserve syrups are made with demerara sugar, giving them a rich flavor.

This rich simple syrup is made with 2 parts demerara sugar and 1 part water. The demerara sugar gives the syrup warm, caramel notes, making it sweeter and more refined than regular simple syrup. The mint added to this simple syrup gives it a fresh, crisp flavor that takes your drinks to the next level. Adding in this cool cocktail syrup is the finest way to enjoy an authentic mint julep recipe, along with crushed ice and fresh mint leaves.

Sugar, water, spearmint extract mint (water, alcohol, natural flavors), lactic acid (<.1% as preservative), spearmint

16 oz

Product of USA

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