Yuzu Marmalade Yakami Orchard - 300gr

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This Yuzu Marmalade is sweet and tangy

This yuzu spread is made with just four ingredients: yuzu fruit, zest, sugar, and honey.

Enjoy this citrus marmalade with savory dishes as well as desserts.

The yuzu fruit is an extremely tangy citrus fruit grown in Japan. Yuzu Marmalade Yakami Orchard is a natural marmalade made from yuzu citrus, sugar, and honey.  Add this Japanese marmalade to a gift basket for anyone who enjoys unique condiments.

This marmalade is a marvelous way to add the authentic taste of Japanese citrus to your breakfast dishes such as toast and scones. Yuzu will also pair well with savory meats, seafood, and dipping sauces. Give your favorite salad dressing a layer of citrusy boldness.

Yuzu is also delicious in sweet recipes. Try using a spoonful of this yuzu fruit spread to add a bright and slightly bitter taste to a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Or even use this zesty marmalade as an ingredient in cocktail and mocktail recipes.


Yuzu Fruit, Yuzu Zest, Sugar, Honey.


300 gram/10.6 oz jar


Product of Japan


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