Zoe Baby Sardines in Olive Oil, 4 oz

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Zoe Baby Sardines are packed in Olive Oil

Fry, bake, or slow cook these Spanish sardines.

Add to Mediterranean salads, pizza, and rice dishes.

Zoe Diva Select Sardinillas are fished off the coast of San Sebastian in northern Spain. They are then canned with Zoe's rich, buttery extra virgin olive oil, which is pressed from Spanish olives. This gives the sardinillas a flavor that is consistent and delicate, with undertones of creamy butter.

For a simple meal, try these Spanish-style sardines with steamed rice, mixed veggies, and lemon juice. Toss one or two bay leaves in a pressure cooker before slow cooking an extra special homemade Spanish sardine stew. Or enjoy with freshly baked bread and cream cheese as a canapé.

Baby sardines, Olive Oil, Salt.

4 oz

Product of Spain

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