Zona Ocean Sardines in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 4 oz

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Zona Sardines are organic and delicious

These sustainably farmed fish are low in sodium and a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.

Enjoy these Spanish-style sardines in a variety of Mediterranean recipes.

Zona Ocean Sardines are sustainably farmed, and low in sodium. Organic extra virgin olive oil keeps these locally sourced Spanish sardines juicy and full of flavor. CPAER-certified. (Council of Ecological Agricultural Production.)

Bake, pan-fry, or slow cook these fish for pasta, risotto, and steamed rice dishes. Or serve canapés with these small fish, cream cheese, lemon juice, and freshly baked bread. You can even use a pressure cooker to prepare a homemade Spanish sardine stew.

Sardine (Sardina Pilchardus), Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt

Net Weight: 4.06 oz (115 grams)
Drain Weight: 2.82 oz (80 grams)

Product of Spain


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