Trying Capicola with different meals

Capicola is a truly amazing cured meat that can go well in many recipes. Not that salami and prosciutto are bad, but the different flavors of Capicola can be a new hit with your friends and family. Plus, this incredible Italian cured meat pairs well with so many delicious ingredients that you can try out many different meals with one ingredient.

If you are creating a charcuterie board or want the perfect Italian meal, this delicacy can be the best ingredient for you.

Capicola Taste Profile

When you go to Italy, you won't hear the name Capicola. Instead, it's called capocollo. The name comes from the Italian words capo and collo, which mean head and neck. Plus, you might hear names like coppa and Capicola outside of Italy, though. In New York, you might have even heard it called gabagool.

Generally, you can only get an official Capicola if it comes from Calabria and Piacenza, two Italian cities. Plus, the European Union gives it the Protected Designation of Original (PDO) label.

The taste profile has a classic taste of dry-cured meats. So, the meat is made from the neck and shoulder muscles of the pig. Of course, the thin slices can be exquisite in Italian sandwiches with panini, cold cuts, and muffuletta. Pairing it with cheeses like provolone, gruyere, and cheddar can be a great idea too.


Authentic Capicola


10 Ideal Pairings That Match the Capicola Taste Profile

1.     Aged Sharp Cheddar

 The savory flavor of Capicola goes well with aged sharp cheddar. The meat comes with cured fat marbled across the cured meat. The mild smokiness brings out the amazing flavor in the cheese, and vice versa. The crystalline texture of the cheese and saltiness can make an interesting sandwich for you.

2.     Wildflower Honey

Wildflower honey comes from bees that pollinate in regions with several flowers. In Spanish and Italian lands, wildflower honey comes from Mediterranean wildflowers. The harvest in April and March from beehives from the natural reserves of Sierra Mariola and Safor in the Valencia province make an amazing honey product.

The organic wildflower honey is pale with reddish undertones, has a faint floral scent, and is sweet in flavor. Owing to the full attention that manufacturers expect from organic beekeepers, you get excellent honey with all its original qualities.

Naturally, matching the Capicola with wildflower honey can create an exquisite meal for you. The saltiness of the meat and the sweetness of the honey can make your taste buds excited.

3.     Anelletti Pasta

Next time you are making pasta, try it with cured Capicola. Moreover, the ring-shaped noodles carry the sauce so well. It comes from Sicily, where the Aneletti pasta is slow-dried. So, you can create an authentic taste of Italian cuisine that pairs well with this delicious meat.

Capicola, cheese, and figs on a plate

4.     Figs

Yes, figs! Next time you have Capicola on your charcuterie board, add some figs to the mix. A delightful flavor of the Mediterranean is part of the Rango Moscioni Dried Figs Basket. Additionally, these juicy figs in a natural basket are grown in the warm mountains of Calabria. Thus, you can impress your friends with an artistic centerpiece while serving the figs on a charcuterie platter with creamy brie cheese and Capicola.

5.     Olives

Olives offer a delicious nutty, tarty flavor that you can have as a snack. Wrap your capocollo around delicious Sanniti Cerignola olives and have it as a perfect appetizer. You can also marinate the olives in fresh herbs and good extra virgin olive oil.

6.     Balsamic Vinegar

Italian balsamic vinegar is quite a delight! It has a rich and complex flavor that can combine with many dishes and ingredients to create a bold, delicious flavor. So, you can sprinkle some on top of your Capicola to add a rich flavor to the meal.

7.     Brie Cheese

Brie is a soft-ripened, off-white cheese typically manufactured from cow's milk. It has a white mold-covered, bloomy rind that has a distinct flavor. Plus, Brie is a smooth farmhouse cheese that comes from Seine-et-Marne, France. So, Brie has a creamy, fruity, buttery taste that becomes earthier as it ages. It smells strongly of earth and has a creamy, runny texture.

Making a meal of creamy, warm Brie cheese wrapped in salty, delicious Capicola and flaky puff pastry can make a perfect meal. Moreover, pair it with a glass of red wine and great company for a memorable dinner.

Capicola, caviar, and cheese on a board

8.     Gouda

Dutch semi-soft cow's milk cheese, known as "Gouda," is named after the location where it was first made. Gouda comes in flat wheels weighing 10 to 12 pounds (4.5 to 5.4 kg), each with a thin organic rind covered in yellow paraffin.

The inside of the gouda is smooth and has a light ivory color. Plus, aged gouda has a richer gold color, a sharper, saltier flavor, and a firmer texture. So, it pairs well with Capicola, bringing out each other's nuanced flavors even more.

9.     Olive Oil

Extra-virgin olive oil pairs well with Capicola due to its peppery qualities. You can use it to bolster the rich, mesquite flavor of the Capicola, bringing out the salt too. So, the meat goes well with the robust olive oil that brings out the rich flavor. Since it is a light meat, you can use olive oil infused with rosemary herbs. You can use other meats, but the smoky touch, salty points, and curing make Coppa the best meal.


10.  Caviar

Want to go for a fancy meal? Caviar can go so well with Capicola since the light salt brings out the natural flavor of the caviar. Surely, the fish eggs pop gently in the mouth, bringing a smooth, fresh, and slightly fishy taste. Plus, it will remind you of the ocean in the best way!


In Conclusion 

The capicola taste profile is a distinct flavor that you will love. Capocollo will change your meals for the better when you start using it!. Try different recipes with a range of ingredients to experiment with your Coppa.

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