Supermarket Italy Products from Around the World

By David Wilderotter

When one hears Supermarket Italy, they probably think that they only have Italian products. While they do have some of the finest products that come straight from Italy, they actually have items from all over the world for you to enjoy and have shipped right to your house! This online gourmet grocery store has a global appeal for people of many different cultures and backgrounds to enjoy, because there is so much amazing food across numerous continents and countries. Let’s play a little game of “Around the World” as we explore the diverse options that Supermarket Italy has to offer!

Let’s start here at home, with the USA. The US has a large number of different cultures and backgrounds in it already, so the products offered on Supermarket Italy reflect that very well. Just scrolling through the USA choices on their website, you can see diverse options, such as cheese, honey, and chorizo. Meat is a staple of US culture, so I figured I’d highlight one of Supermarket Italy’s American meat products, the Fratelli Beretta Gluten Free Nostrano Salami. This 8 oz pack of two offers some amazing Italian-style salami from a USA company that stays true and respectful to Italian roots. Fratelli Beretta is a family company that has been around for decades, and they always provide the highest quality meat, becoming one of the most respected brands in the US. This salami is delicious, and it is gluten-free so anyone with dietary restrictions can enjoy! The USA is well represented on Supermarket Italy!

Going over to Europe, let’s explore the options from France! When I think of olive oil, Italy is the first place that comes to my mind, but there is an olive oil from France on Supermarket Italy’s website that is really intriguing. The Castelines Late Harvest Fruite Noir Virgin Olive Oil is an amazing product of France that will serve as the best for dipping in salad or bread, which I will certainly be doing. According to the product’s description, “Fruit forward olives from the Provençal groves are handpicked and lightly fermented before being pressed by traditional stone mills.” This olive oil will provide you a unique and original taste that will transport you to France with its eccentric flavor.

Supermarket Italy clearly has a deep pedigree of cuisine from around the world, and Asia is another well represented continent at this store! I was excited to see all the different products they offered from South Korea, and they will not disappoint you, at all. If you want some spice, I recommend the Samyang Spicy Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodles. These five packs of noodles will turn up the temperature in your mouth, as they are referred to as “fire noodles” on the Korean market. If you are into spicy food, these ramen noodles are just the product for you, as they give you red chili pepper and authentic Korean hot chicken flavor. South Korea is bringing the heat, and Supermarket Italy has it all for you to order!

The final country I want to highlight is Germany, which is another one of Supermarket Italy’s most popular origins. Being half German myself, I was curious to explore the over 100 products of Germany that Supermarket Italy has to offer. What immediately caught my eye was the Mestemacher Fitness Bread. I love bread, so seeing this healthy and affordable bread on Supermarket Italy’s website had me excited. This bread is an authentic product of Germany and it combines “fresh ground wheat grains, oats, and wheat germs,” according to its description. It’s perfect for anyone on a diet, or just looking to eat a little healthier. This German bread is delicious, and still beneficial to your health, which makes for the most perfect product!

I was blown away by all of the different origins and cultures represented on Supermarket Italy. Food is worldly, and Supermarket Italy understands the power of cuisines from all across the planet, which is why they smartly provide a diversity of authentic products. Supermarket Italy is the ultimate store to explore, you will always find something new, yet still unbelievably amazing!

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