12 Aphrodisiac Foods to Try This Valentine's Day
Aphrodisiac foods are foods that are thought to have qualities that enhance desire. Whether that is actually scientifically true is up for debate, but it’s certain that the idea of aphrodisiac foods is a cemented part of our culture. After all, everyone knows that chocolate covered strawberries are sexy! So what other types of aphrodisiac herbs and natural aphrodisiacs are there? We’ve got some for you to include in your Valentine’s Day dinner

Casarecci Viagro Ancient Chili Pepper Remedy Infused Oil

Casarecci Viagro' Ancient Chili Pepper Remedy Infused Oil is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the taste. This chili pepper infused olive oil is kept in a heart-shaped glass bottle because Italians believe it to be a natural aphrodisiac. Be sure to include this Valentine’s Day-themed item on your dinner table. Drizzle this spicy and luscious pepper oil on your pasta, bruschetta, meat dishes and more. 

Casarecci Viagro Crushed Red Hot Chili Pepper Spices

Casarecci Viagro Crushed Red Hot Chili Pepper is a hot spice blend to sprinkle on just about any Italian recipe. The chili pepper is known as an aphrodisiac because, TheHealthy.com reports, its chemical properties activate feel-good hormones in the human body. So don’t miss out! Pizza, pasta, sauces, and other types of Italian dishes all get a nice kick from Casarecci Viagro.

Casarecci Viagro Delicious and Spicy Vegetarian Chili Spread

Casarecci Viagro' Spicy Vegetarian Chili Spread is a textured hot sauce that can be used to spice up pizza, pasta, bread and other Italian recipes. Eat this Southern Italian hot chili spread as part of an appetizer or entree for your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.                       

Nutella + Rigoni di Asiago Strawberry Fruit Spread

When you exchange Valentine’s Day gifts this year, enjoy a luscious dessert reminiscent of chocolate-covered strawberries. Combine Nutella with Rigoni di Asiago Strawberry Fruit Spread in a crepe, on ice cream, and other sweet treats. 

Mitica Chocohigos Hand-Dipped Dark Chocolate Figs

You know chocolate is an aphrodisiac, but did you know figs have been thought to be an aphrodisiac food since ancient times? The curvy shape of the fig and its fertile, red center make it a sensual fruit, that according to PBS, attracted even Cleopatra. Mitica Chocohigos Hand-Dipped Dark Chocolate Figs combine two aphrodisiac foods in one. 

Gianni Calogiuri Vincotto Pomegranate Vinegar

The pomegranate is an aphrodisiac food for the same reason the fig is. The pomegranate’s robust red center filled with seeds represents fertility. It is also thought by many to be the Forbidden Fruit Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge — not the apple. Dress your meat, dessert, or fruit with Gianni Calogiuri Vincotto Pomegranate Vinegar and savor the taste of a fruity balsamic. 

Rebecchi Zafferano Italian Saffron

Saffron is one of the most popular aphrodisiac herbs and spices. It is also a highly prized culinary ingredient that can be very expensive to get. Use Rebecchi Zaffareno Italian Saffron in your cooking when you prepare your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. 

Amatrice Pecorino Zafferano Cheese

Not sure how to cook with saffron? Enjoy it as part of your cheese plate instead. Amatrice Pecorino Zafferano Cheese is an exquisite Italian cheese that has already been infused with saffron. Amatrice Pecorino Zafferano is both sweet and spicy with a lovely aroma, best paired with fruity wines.

Ritrovo Selections Organic Amarena Cherry Balsamic Vinegar

Another aphrodisiac fruit is the cherry. This Ritrovo Organic Balsamic Vinegar combines the tart, sweet flavors of cherry with the tangy richness of authentic Italian balsamic. Use this Amarena Cherry Balsamic for a romantic dinner of duck confit and radicchio salad, and drizzle on ice cream or pie for dessert!

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