Italian coffee culture: Is it coming to America?

In the United States, everything is done with speed. Life is fast, and sometimes quality is lost because of it. This is especially true with the American coffee culture. Large chain coffee shops are becoming fast food restaurants. A cappuccino comes out quick but with little crema. An espresso is being replaced with a cold sugary coffee drink in a soda can. This may appear very bleak, but there is some good news; it seems like times are changing. There is a trend blossoming where consumers are starting to demand high quality over speed. Italian coffee brands such as illy, Danesi, and Kimbo have brought a welcome change to our coffee culture. However, the Italian coffee company that stands out the most is Lavazza. Lavazza espresso pods make the perfect espresso. Lavazza coffee beans such as Super Crema and Caffe Espresso bring something special to every cup. Lavazza espresso beans are always fresh and when ground are absolutely delicious. There are so many varieties offered by "Italy's favorite coffee" that every preference is met. Their ground varieties include Qualita Rossa and Crema e Gusto among others. So is the Italian coffee culture coming to America? Will many of the dunkin donuts and starbucks be replaced with Cafe's? Only time will tell. It is important to take one step at time. So sit back, slow life down a little, smell the roses and enjoy a special cup. 


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