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Supermarket Italy Goes Keto!


Eating foods from around the world is one of life's great pleasures. It allows you to feel connected to a different culture, imagine life in another country and taste new flavors. For many Americans, there is no better treat buying European groceries and cooking a meal from Italy, France, Spain; wherever they wish to travel! However, it can be tricky to try new foods when you’re following a particular diet.

The very low-carb Keto Diet is a popular lifestyle for weight loss. Many Italian food lovers are wary of a diets like this, as their favorite cuisine features so much pasta and bread. However, there are plenty of authentic Italian recipes and ingredients that are deliciously low carb.

How Can I Use My Favorite Italian Ingredients With the Keto Diet?

Supermarket Italy offers plenty of low-carb options that suit a ketogenic diet. We are proud of featuring dozens of producers with our olive oil selection. Olive oil, one of the most popular forms of fat in the keto diet, is now produced all over the world, but we believe that the very finest comes from Mediterranean Europe. We offer a variety of brands and types, ranging from the highest quality bottle of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) to delicately infused flavors meant to finish dishes or use in marinades or salad dressing.

We’re currently enamored by Frantoia Barbera’s bottle of EVOO. This rich, unfiltered olive oil comes from the beautiful island of Sicily. Its fruity and spicy aroma as well as its healthy fat content make it an ideal addition to your keto cupboard.

The Keto Basics

Let’s discuss the basics of this popular lifestyle. The keto diet is similar to a standard low-carb diet, with one major difference. Most low-carb diets (such as Atkins, South Beach or Paleo) rely on protein as the main food source. The keto diet relies on fat and refers to a scientific process called ketosis. When we cut carbohydrates out of our diet and consume mainly fat, the body begins to produce a molecule called a ketone. Ketones work as a special fuel that feeds entirely off fat cells. Once the body is producing ketones, fat and weight is quickly burned off.

What Should I Be Eating?

With so many options, it’s hard to list them all! Frankly, it’s easier to begin a keto diet by understanding what it is you cannot eat.

The Big No-Nos

●Any flour products (bread, pasta, crackers, etc.)

●Sugar of any kind (this includes honey and maple syrup.)



●Grains (rice, oats, corn, etc.)

●Fruit (a tiny bit is okay as a treat.)


Okay, But Take it Easy

●Root vegetables


●Wine and low-carb spirits


What Does That Leave Me?

Once you’ve cut the sugars and starches from your life, you can indulge in all your favorite high-fat foods.


●Fish, meat and poultry

●High fat dairy (Cheese, butter, whipping cream.)


●Above-ground vegetables

Lunches and Snacks That Suit The Keto Lifestyle

Some of the world’s best tuna products come from Italy. Rio Mare is renowned the world around for their fresh fish and high-quality packing oil. We are particularly fond of Rio Mare’s Solid Light Tuna in Olive Oil, which we’re currently selling both individually and in bulk.

Try mixing Rio Mare tuna- oil and all- with mashed avocado, chopped vegetables, lemon juice, and some nice crunchy seeds for a filling, simple lunch.

Where Can I Find Keto-Friendly Snacks and Meals on The Go?

It’s the most difficult to stick to a diet when your life is busy. When there’s no time to cook, the only option is to grab something fast and already prepared. Unfortunately, many prepackaged snacks and meals designed for convenience are incredibly high in sugar, carbohydrates, and other keto no-nos.

RXBAR offers an affordable and delicious solution with their fantastic range of healthy snack and breakfast bars. The bars contain no gluten, soy, sugar, dairy or GMOs and provide a natural energy lift, making them ideal for a post-workout treat.

To suit every palate, RXBARs come in an exciting variety of flavors. Choose from Maple Sea Salt, Chocolate Sea Salt, Coconut Chocolate, Coffee Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice, Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, and Peanut Butter to keep your snack habits fun.

After a more caffeinated jolt? Have no fear. Coffee and tea are completely fine on the keto diet. In fact, it’s even encouraged. Many devoted followers of the keto diet swear by a morning beverage called Bulletproof Coffee, which is made by swirling a knob of butter through your cup of joe. Some people also use coconut or other oils that are high in healthy fat. The unusual concoction provides a long-lasting burst of energy and will keep you full all morning.

You can turn your Bulletproof Coffee into “Caffe Antiproiettile” using Lavazza Gran Riserva espresso from Supermarket Italy. We bring you Italy’s most renowned coffee brands and more to help you balance your keto diet without sacrificing the delicious favors of the best that Italy has to offer.

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