Bowl of Luxardo Cherries in Syrup

What are Luxardo cherries?

The Rolls-Royce of candied cherries, the original Luxardo maraschino cherry serves as the iconic ‘cherry on top’ for a long list of cocktails and desserts. Like a festive and cheerful exclamation point, the dark red and meaty flesh of the Luxardo cherry adds a perfectly sweet flavor and candy-like texture to gourmet drinks and desserts. Made with fresh, all-natural ingredients, including handpicked cherries grown in the fertile volcanic soil of the Veneto region, the Luxardo brand is the gold standard for premium quality cocktail cherries.

What makes Luxardo cherries so special?

Compared to the bright neon-colored orbs floating in the average cocktail, Luxardo cherries are in a class of their own. Other brands contain artificial colors and other chemicals, giving them a waxy consistency and the color of bright red lipstick; they also taste nothing like real cherries. Once you’ve experienced the difference of Luxardo cherries, you’ll never forget the unmistakable flavor it adds to cocktails and desserts. Candied in marasca syrup, Luxardo cherries have a delicious sweet-tart flavor and the chewy tenderness of real fruit.

Where do these cocktail cherries come from?

Established by Girolamo Luxardo in 1821, the Luxardo company was originally a distillery off the coast of modern-day Croatia, which was an Italian province at the time. Their signature product was Maraschino, a cherry liqueur made from the stems, pits, skins, and leaves of sour marasca cherries. The pits are what gives the liqueur its characteristically nutty and almond-like flavor.

While the company made a name for itself with maraschino liqueur, they also began to preserve cherries in marasca syrup in order to extend their shelf life. Fresh cherries bruise easily and only stay fresh for a short time, which makes this preservation technique a practical way to preserve and package the fruit. In 1905, Luxardo began making the world’s first preserved cherry. Today, they still use the time-honored cherry preservation method and the original family recipe.

How to Use Luxardo Cherries in Recipes

Along with softening the bite of liquor in fancy cocktails, Luxardo cherries have many uses in dessert making. From ice cream sundaes to puddings, Italian maraschino cherries add an instant touch of sophistication. They also make a wonderful addition to Belgian waffles, tarts, cookies, and more!



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