10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Supermarket Italy

Once the big presents are taken care of, it’s time to think about stocking stuffers. Candy and small gifts make the holiday season just as fun as what goes under the tree. So here are 10 stocking stuffer ideas we at Supermarket Italy think will bring even more joy to your holiday season.

La Florentine Soft Nougat Almonds & Pistachios Torrone, 5.3 oz

La Florentine Soft Nougat Almonds & Pistachios Torrone

Torrone is a traditional Italian candy bar made of nougat, and its long, slender shape is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer! La Florentine's Renaissance-inspired wrapping gives it an Old World feel. This nougat bar contains almonds and pistachios for a nutty bite.

Bauli Mini Panettone Classico, 3.1 oz

Bauli Mini Panettone Classico

O.K., this may be a little bit of a tight fit in the stocking, but it's so worth it to give everyone in the family a chance to enjoy their own personal mini Bauli panettone cake! A symbol of Italian Christmas, this sweet, bread-like cake contains candied orange peels and raisins. The same brand also makes mini pandoro, a taller butter cake topped with powdered sugar.

Dolcetto Tiramisu Rolled Wafers, 3 oz

Dolcetto Tiramisu Rolled Wafers

Italy is famous for its Tiramisu dessert, so these Dolcetto rolled wafers will be great stocking stuffers for kids and adults. Each slender can contains long, cylindrical cookies that are crispy and flaky on the outside, and filled with luscious, coffee-infused chocolate cream on the inside.

Sperlari Misto Spicchi Citrus Wedge Hard Candy (2.2 lb. Bulk Bag)

Sperlari Spicchi Citrus Hard Candies

These brightly-colored hard candies are flavored with lemon and orange, bringing a lively citrus flavor to your taste buds. Sperlari is one of the most prominent Italian candy brands, and this bulk bag will ensure everyone gets a taste!

Vergani Sultano Milk Gianduja Chocolate with Hazelnuts, 8.82 oz

Vergani Sultano Milk Gianduja Chocolate with Hazelnuts

This magnificent Italian chocolate bar will get the eye-popping reaction you want from your loved one! Its shiny, gold packaging portrays the luxuriousness of the chocolate within. This big chocolate bar made of creamy gianduja (chocolate hazelnut paste) and whole hazelnuts will crush any sweet tooth.

Tartuflanghe Trifulot White Sweet Pralines with Cappuccino, 7 oz

Tartuflanghe White Chocolate Pralines with Cappuccino

The Tartuflanghe brand makes award-winning chocolate truffles, each individually wrapped in beautifully designed, striped paper. That makes them an ideal Italian candy for tossing in a Christmas stocking! Your loved one will experience a heartwarming taste of vanilla and roasted coffee in every bite.

Baci Perugina Original Milk Chocolate Truffles Bag, 4.4 oz

Baci Perugina Original Milk Chocolate Truffles

Baci Perugina's chocolate truffles with whole hazelnuts are incredibly popular in Italy and around the world. They're synonymous with love and indulgence, as baci literally means "kisses" in English. But they weren't always called that way. Inventor Luisa Spagnoli first called them cazzotto, Italian for "punch," because the Italian candy looked so much like a fist! Happily, her husband convinced her to change the name, which is why you can feel good about giving them as stocking stuffers this year.

Bali's Best Espresso Candy Bulk, 2.2 lbs

Bali's Best Espresso Candy

These individually wrapped pieces of Bali's Best Espresso Candy are made with the best Sumatran coffee. With a firm exterior and a smooth, espresso-filled center, these candies will please anyone who can't get enough of their favorite brew. Get the 2.2-lb bag so you can spread the wealth this holiday season!

Olivia Body Butter Vanilla Sugar, 7 oz

Olivia Body Butter Vanilla Sugar

Part of the fun of Christmas stockings is being surprised by the small gifts that await inside. If you're looking for stocking stuffer ideas for women, Olivia Body Butter Vanilla Sugar from Greece is a surefire choice. After she's done indulging in chocolates and cakes, she can wind down at the end of the evening by moisturizing with the warm, enveloping scent of this body scrub.

Proraso Professional Shaving Brush

Proraso Professional Shaving Brush

On the other hand, if you're looking for stocking stuffer ideas for men, the Proraso Professional Shaving Brush will allow him to pamper himself, too. Let him enjoy the art of shaving by massaging the shaving cream onto his face the old-fashioned way. This is how gentlemen do it!

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