VIDEO RECIPE: How to Make Capocollo and Roasted Garlic Pizza

Every true Italian (and pretty much everyone else) loves capocollo. So we at Supermarket Italy came up with a fun way to include capocollo as part of one of our other favorite foods: pizza! Watch this quick video on how to make capocollo & roasted garlic pizza and try it yourself at home!

In this video, we teach you what pizza ingredients you’ll need to make the perfect pizza dough recipe for a delicious homemade pizza. You’ll see that learning how to make pizza isn’t as hard as you think!

Products Used in Video:

Daniele Hot Capocollo

Daniele Sweet Capocollo

Tillamook Sharp Cheddar

Bialetti Pizza Stone Set

Paneangeli Yeast for Pizza

Corta Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Molino Grassi 00 Organic Flour

La Valle Peeled Tomatoes

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