Brioschi Lemon Flavored Effervescent Glass Jar, 8.5 oz

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Brioschi Lemon Flavored Effervescent is Italy's most trusted product for upset stomach, indigestion, and heart burn. 

Brioschi Effervescent is a super-fast acting digestive aid. 

People across the globe rely on Brioschi as a natural remedy after eating a large meal. 

This stomach remedy comes in an elegant glass bottle, gluten free, no colorants, no artificial flavors. 

Brioschi Effervescent is a trusted effervescent that has been around for over 100 years. For decades, this lemon-flavored effervescent has provided countless people relief from upset stomach, indigestion, and heartburn. This Effervescent antacid stands out among other antacid brands and digestive aids because it has only one active ingredient: sodium bicarbonate. It is fast-acting so you don’t have to suffer from digestive problems due to stomach acid any longer! Brioschi Lemon Effervescent dissolves immediately in a glass of water or can be sprinkled in with soft food. Take the recommended amount for best results.

Comes in the traditional glass jar!

Sugar, Sodium Bicarbonate (active), malic acid, glucose syrup, natural lemon flavor (dehydrated lemon juice. No artificial flavorings or colorants. 

8.5 oz.

Product of Italy 

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