Divina Pepperoncini Jar, 15.5 oz

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These Greek Pepperoncini are mildly spicy

Try these Greek peppers on a charcuterie board or appetizer platter with cheeses and dry-cured meats.

Enjoy these pickled peppers in a variety of savory recipes.

Divina Pepperoncini is lightly seasoned with just the right amount of sea salt. These pickled peppers are many times milder than spicy chili peppers, but still have a pleasant kick. Enjoy these golden Greek peppers in a variety of savory dishes.

Pickled pepperoncini peppers are frequently found in a range of recipes from Italy and Greece. Enjoy them on antipasto plates and charcuterie platters. Try them in a salad with crumbled feta cheese. Slice them thin and use these peppers as a topping for a homemade pizza. Or add these zesty and fresh pepperoncinis to a grilled sandwich or panini.


Greek pepperoncini, water, sea salt, acetic acid (acidity regulator), citric acid (acidity regulator), turmeric.


15.5 oz (440g)


Product of Greece

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