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Exploring Greek Food

With sunny skies and rich soil, Greece produces some of the best olives and extra virgin olive oil in the world. Combine this produce with fresh seafood, delicious goat’s milk cheeses, and a welcoming table that always has room for more, and you get to the heart of Greek cuisine. With a range of items including figs, feta cheese, and imported seafood, Supermarket Italy has what you need to create marvelous Greek dishes right from home. 

What kinds of Greek dishes can I make?

Incorporate Greece into your charcuterie boards by featuring imported feta cheese, extra virgin olive oil, and salty olive snacks. For the main course, a traditional spread might include grilled octopus, halloumi cheese, pita bread, and hummus. Serve alongside a Greek salad with kalamata olives, tomato, and onion, and you will have a family-style meal that everyone can enjoy together. 

Where can I buy Greek products online? 

 Shop for your favorite Greek foods like extra virgin olive oil, figs, and feta cheese at Supermarket Italy online! In addition to a range of culinary items imported from Greece, Supermarket Italy is also proud to sell bath and body products imported from Greece, such as olive soaps and hand creams.