Gomez Moreno Truffle Manchego Cheese, 6 Lbs

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This Manchego Cheese is flavored with summer truffle

This Spanish cheese is made from the raw milk of the Manchega breed of sheep.

Sample this sheep's milk cheese on a charcuterie board with chorizo for a taste of Spanish cuisine.

Gomez Moreno Truffle Manchego Cheese is an authentic Spanish cheese infused with summer truffle. This pale yellow cheese is named for the region of La Mancha. It has a mild flavor and rich aroma, making it a delicious choice for cheese boards. Savor this authentic Manchego with freshly baked bread, extra virgin olive oil, and a bold glass of wine. You can even compare it to other cheeses made from sheep's milk such as pecorino romano.

Raw milk from Manchega sheep, salt, summer truffle 1%, truffle aroma, lactic ferments, rennet of animal origin and lysozyme (egg protein derivative).

6 Lbs

Product of Spain

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