Malizia Deo Uomo "Vetyver" Body Spray, 5.1 oz

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Malizia Vetyver Body Spray has a fragrant, woody scent

With notes of coriander and cedar wood, this body spray has a long-lasting fragrance.

Malizia Deo Uomo Body Sprays are fit for any occasion.

Malizia Deo Uomo Vetyver is an Italian Body spray for men. This deodorant spray has a manly, woody fragrance with notes of coriander, lemon, and cedar wood. This long-lasting body spray for men will keep you smelling fresh throughout the day.

This Italian body spray gives you a long-lasting fresh scent and is made for everyday use. You only need to spray it for a second or two to get the full benefit of this specially concentrated fragrance formula. You can even use a small amount of this spray on your bathroom towels to keep them smelling clean and fresh.

This body spray bottle is easy to pack with you when you're on-the-go. Keep a bottle in the car for daily commutes and weekend road trips. Or store this body spray in your backpack before going on your next hike.

This Italian deodorant spray also makes a thoughtful addition to a self-care gift basket. Make it a present for a birthday, Father's day, or any other celebration—it's wonderful Christmas stocking stuffer.


5.1 oz


Product of Italy


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