Sacla Condiverderiso Rice Salad, 10.2 oz

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The unique Saclà rice salad dressing is made with only the best vegetables. Masterfully combining carrots, red and yellow peppers, artichokes, cucumbers, corn, celery, celeriac, onion, cultivated mushrooms, peas, fennel, capers, and green and black olives will give the rice the taste of summer.

Vegetables in variable proportions 59% (carrots, peppers, cucumbers, green and black olives, corn, CELERY, CELERY RAPA , spring onions, cultivated mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus, Pholiota Nameko), artichokes, peas, fennel, capers, Sunflower oil, salt, Sugar, Vinegar, Dried basil, Antioxidant: ascorbic acid

10.2 oz

Product of Italy

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