Noi Sirius Icelandic 70% Bitter Chocolate with Sea salt, 7.05 oz

Noi SiriusSKU: NOI7109

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This Icelandic Dark Chocolate is made with sea salt

Enjoy this sea salt dark chocolate with coffee, tea, or spiced chai.

This rich and bittersweet chocolate is 70% cocoa.

Since 1933, Noi Sirius chocolate has been made using an ancient Nordic method, giving it an extraordinary smoothness and silkiness, even in their very dark chocolates. Only the highest standards of quality are used to make this authentic Icelandic chocolate bar. Add this gourmet chocolate to a gift basket for any special occasion.


Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Fat reduced Cocoa Powder, Icelandic Sea salt (1%), Soy Lecithin, Bourbon Vanilla. Cocoa dry Solids min. 70%.


7.05 oz


Product of Iceland

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