Pastificio Gentile Organic Mafalde Napoletane Pasta, 1.1 Lbs

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This Mafalde Napoletane Pasta is 100% organic

Enjoy this mafaldine pasta with robust tomato, creamy Alfredo, or piquant pesto sauces.

Toss al dente noodle with a beef- or pork-based meat sauce for a hearty pasta dish.

Established in 1876, Pastificio Gentile has been crafting artisanal Italian pasta for generations. Even today, this pasta brand continues to use only high-quality wheat of Italian origin and bronze-cut molds that emulate a homemade texture.

Pastificio Gentile Organic Mafalde Napoletane Pasta are long noodles with ruffled edges. Enjoy a mafalde pasta recipe with a savory meat sauce. Or toss this type of pasta with a creamy Alfredo and grilled chicken—finished with a drizzle of a robust olive oil.

This type of pasta also makes an excellent side dish for a Mediterranean-style dinner. Try it in a zesty pasta salad recipe with seasonal vegetables, red pepper flakes, and a piquant vinaigrette. Then, pair the dish with a hearty main course, such as chicken piccata or grilled salmon. For a complete dinner, savor the meal with a glass of your favorite wine or sparkling cider.


Organic Durum wheat semolina, water. Contains Gluten (Wheat). 


1.1 lbs


Product of Italy

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