Sanniti Capers Non-Pareille in Vinegar and Salt Brine, 33.5 oz

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Spanish Capers Non-Pareille add tangy flavor to recipes

Use in dishes like chicken piccata, or add them to charcuterie boards for a zesty touch.

These have a delightful flavor and texture that makes them great for sauces.

The harvested flower buds of the caper bush, Capers Non-Pareille are the smallest and most widely-used of all types of caper buds. Translated from French, "non-pareille" means "without equal." This is because this Sanniti delicacy are simply the best type for most recipes and dishes. Jarred and pickled in water, salt, and vinegar, giving them a sharp, briny flavor.

Add to any Mediterranean dish, especially one consisting of chicken, pasta, or fish. For a simple caper sauce, these can be dried with a paper towel then combined in a skillet with fresh lemon juice, butter, chopped herbs, garlic, and olive oil. Pair with your favorite bottle of white wine and enjoy.

capers, water, salt, vinegar

33.5 oz

Product of Spain

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