Tutto Calabria Lampascioni (Wild Onions), 10 oz

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Tutto Calabria Wild Onions are bold and peppery

Enjoy on a charcuterie board with cured meats and Italian cheeses.

Savor these robust onions with a glass of wine.

Lampascioni are the edible flower bulbs of the grape or tassel hyacinth, an antipasti tradition of Italy's Puglia region. The bulbs, which resemble tiny onions, are also known as cippolini, or wild onions. Lampascioni are the perfect picture of cucina povera, resourceful and homey country cooking. The tiny wild tassel hyacinth bulbs are bottled after being roasted al dente in extra virgin olive oil.

They have a pleasant, peppery, and bitter aftertaste that swells and fades over a minute or two. Wild onions are especially good for slow eating over the course of a late afternoon, served alongside Pecorino Toscano sheep's milk cheese. For a classic Pugliese side dish, bake wild onions with a bit of water-softened bread, egg, pecorino, garlic, and parsley.

Types of Lampascioni:
Wild onions, extra virgin olive oil

1 Jar - 10 oz.

Product of Calabria, Italy

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