Wood River Cheddar Gruyere Roasted Red Pepper & Cracked Peppercorn, 8 oz (2-Pack)

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Enjoy this peppery Wood River Cheddar Gruyere

Roasted red peppers and cracked peppercorn give this type of cheese a vibrant, spicy flavor.

Try this combination of gruyere and cheddar on a cheese board.

Wood River Cheddar Gruyere with Roasted Red Pepper & Cracked Peppercorn is a savory, slightly spicy Wisconsin cheese. There is also a bit of sweetness and a creamy texture to this natural semi-hard cheddar cheese. Serve this cheddar gruyere with thinly sliced deli meat and fresh fruit on a charcuterie board. Or add it to your favorite toasted sandwich. Pair this peppery cheese with a pilsner, pale ale, or Merlot wine.

8 oz each (Pack of 2)


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