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What Is anelli pasta?

Anelli, also known as anelletti (Italian for “little rings”) is a small, circular pasta. These pasta rings can come in two sizes, and the smaller size (a noodle you might recognize from the American pantry food SpaghettiOs) is called anellini.

Where does it come from?

Anelli pasta is from Sicily in Southern Italy. The Sicilian people love this type of pasta and use it most frequently in pasta al forno dishes, i.e. baked pasta. One of the most revered pasta recipes in Sicily is Timballo, which is like a round, savory cake made out of anelli pasta, meat, cheese, vegetables, sauce, and breadcrumbs or some kind of crust. Timballo is an extremely popular meal in Sicily, but it does take a while to make. Check out this Timballo recipe from The Pasta Project.

What kind of meals can I make with anelli or anellini Pasta?

Other than the traditional meals Sicilian people make with anelli pasta, anelli and anellini can be used to make soups and other, more straightforward pasta dishes. How to make pasta recipes with this Sicilian favorite just requires a bit of imagination! Anelli is perfect for casseroles and easy baked pasta recipes, like the baked ziti with marinara and mozzarella that has become so well-loved in America.

What kind of anelli can I buy from Supermarket Italy?

Supermarket Italy sells both the larger anelli rings, like Giuseppe Cocco A89 Anelli, and the smaller anellini pasta rings, like Primeluci Anelletti. We have both single orders and multi-pack orders available