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Arborio Rice

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What is Arborio Rice?

Arborio Rice is the rice most typically used for risotto recipes. It is oval-shaped and pearly white in color. Arborio Rice is used to make various risotto recipes because it can absorb up to six cups of liquid without losing its firm yet creamy texture.

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What types of risotto rice are there?

When it comes to Arborio Rice, there are four different types of rice: Commune, Semi-Fino, Fino, and Superfino. Superfino is the highest grade Arborio Rice.

What types of risotto recipes are there?

Mushroom risotto is one of the most popular risotto recipes. Risotto is also often made with peas, asparagus, or just plain with parmesan cheese and butter. Learn how to make risotto with this Folios Parmesan Cheese Mushroom Risotto Bowl recipe.

Where can I buy Arborio Rice and other risotto rices?

In addition to Arborio Rice which you can purchase here, Supermarket Italy also sells the two other main types of rice used to make risotto: Carnaroli Rice and Vialone Nano Rice.