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Beemster Dutch Cheese: A unique past with a sustainable future

The picturesque fields of North Holland are home to the happy, healthy cows that produce Beemster Dutch cheese, and have been since the company began as a dairy co-op in 1901. To this day, Beemster uses artisan techniques and old world traditions in their cheesemaking: The curds are stirred by hand, and the brine can be traced back to the same mother brine brewed at the company’s founding! They are a dairy farm of integrity, caring deeply about the welfare of their animals as well as the future of the planet. By ensuring the use of pesticide-free grazing grass, keeping milk hormone-free, and employing environmentally sustainable farming methods, Beemster goes above and beyond to deliver delicious cheese that consumers can trust was made with care.   

What kinds of products can I buy?

If you’re looking for a mellow, nutty gouda cheese try the original Beemster Dutch Cheese. In addition to their classic cow’s milk cheeses, Beemster also offers goat cheeses, such as the Premium Goat Aged Gouda Wedge. Be sure to look out for speciality seasonal cheeses, such as Pumpkin Spice Gouda or the Red Pepper Gouda Wheel.  

What can I make with Beemster cheese?

Beemster cheeses of all kinds will make an excellent addition to a charcuterie board. The mellow original Dutch cheese balances with piquant cured olives and spicy salamis, and a specialty cheese like the pumpkin spice gouda will be a delightful curiosity. A grilled cheese made with melted Beemster gouda cheese and a nutty cheddar would make a delicious lunch.