Edam Balls Mild Red Wax, 2 Lbs


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Edam Cheese is one of Holland's most famous cheeses

This mild Dutch cheese is encased in a bright red wax, a sign that it's fit for export.

This semi-hard cheese makes a delicious addition to charcuterie boards or toasted sandwiches.

A cheese that defines Dutch culture, Edam is a mellow, savory, slightly salty cheese that has a pale yellow interior with a red or yellow paraffin coating. (The yellow is more common in Holland; the red is intended for export). It is made from part-skimmed milk (30 to 40 percent milk-fat) and comes in spheres with flattened ends. Edam, named for a Dutch town in North Holland, is second only to Gouda as Holland's most exported cheese.

Sample Edam and Gouda cheese together for a gourmet Dutch cheese board. Enjoy sliced on a grilled panini or toasted sandwich. You can even melt this type of cheese and combine with aromatic ingredients like garlic and white wine to create delectable cheese sauces, mouthwatering spreads, and rich fondues. This authentic Edam is especially good when served with a refreshing glass of cold dark beer.

Pasteurized milk, salt, enzymes

2 Lbs (average)


Product of Holland

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