Sanniti Organic Anelletti Pasta, 17.5 oz

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This Organic Anelletti Pasta is made of Sicilian wheat

Enjoy this ring-shaped Italian pasta with your favorite alfredo, marinara, or pesto sauce.

These small noodles are great for soups as well as baked pasta recipes.

Anelletti Pasta are small, ring-shaped noodles that are produced in Sicily. Anelletti pastas are made in the traditional Sicilian way, creating an authentic Italian taste. Enjoy Sanniti's organic Anelletti Pasta  with a savory or zesty sauce. Or try them as part of a soup.

Everyone should enjoy the pleasure of eating authentic Italian pasta! Pair this organic pasta with a hearty meat sauce or a creamy white sauce.

Organic durum wheat semolina, mineral water

17.5 oz

Product of Italy

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