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What is Calabrese salami?

This type of salami comes from the Calabria region of Southern Italy, hence its name. Like cacciatore salami, Calabrese is a seasoned dry sausage that is on the spicy side. It is typically made out of 100 percent pork meat.

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What does Calabrese salami taste like?

The pork meat in this dry sausage from Southern Italy is made with herbs and spices, the most notable of which is hot pepper. The heat of the Calabrese makes it a wonderful addition to antipasto and sandwiches.

How should I eat Calabrese salami?

Salami is generally eaten on its own or as part of a charcuterie board, but Calabrese can also be an ingredient in pasta recipes. If you want to add the kick of hot pepper to your pasta, cook some chopped Calabrese in a skillet and throw in some peppers and onions!