Wood River Mango Habanero Cheddar Gruyere, 8 oz [PACK of 2]

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This Wood River Cheddar Gruyere blends sweet and spicy

Mango and habanero peppers give this type of cheese a tangy, fiery flavor.

Enjoy this combination of gruyere and cheddar on a charcuterie board.

Wood River Mango Habanero Cheddar Gruyere Cheese is a master-crafted, hand-crafted Wisconsin cheese with a unique blend of sweet and spicy flavors. You've never tasted anything quite like this mango habanero cheddar cheese. Serve on a cheese board with crackers and fresh fruit. Or melt this gourmet cheese blend in your favorite toasted sandwich or grilled panini. Pair with a lager or a glass of chardonnay wine.

8 oz each (Pack of 2)


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