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Dallmayr Coffee

It’s time to brush off your passport, because we’re heading to Germany. Deutschland is famous over the world for its hearty beer, sausages and pastries, but today, we have a different focus. Germany is actually home to some of the world’s best coffee!

Dallmayr Kaffee, Germany’s most famous coffee brand, sources the finest beans from around the world. Currently, most Dallmayr coffee beans originate in Brazil, Colombia, Papua New Guinea, and Ethiopia. The rich, fragrant beans are then roasted at five locations across Germany and turned into a wide variety of products, many of which are available for purchase on Supermarketitaly.com. Read More

What is the History behind Dallmayr Coffee?

Alois Dallmayr is one of the biggest food- and drink companies in Germany and has been in production for 300 years. In 1933, they were operating a Munich-area delicatessen called Stammhaus. A coffee merchant came to town, and soon, the deli was making espresso and other java drinks. Their coffee became so successful that they eventually went on to start their own subsidiary company.

Today, coffee remains one of Dallmayr’s most popular and well-distributed products. They have five roasting facilities across the country; 57,000 tonnes of coffee beans are processed every year in Munich, Berlin, Bremen, Braunschweig, and Dortmund. These beans, which have been harvested from the most prolific coffee-growing regions in the world, are then turned into dozens of high-quality products.

The Best of Dallmayr

Java fans will be pleased to find that Dallmayr coffee has a wide selection of choices. No matter how you brew your daily cup, Dallmayr has a product for you. Choose from filter coffee, espresso, or even specialty pods and pads for high quality beans for any occasion or lifestyle.

If you love the smell of freshly ground coffee beans, perhaps it’s time to start buying Dallmayr whole bean coffee and grinding it at home! For fans of medium roast Kaffee, Dallmayr Prodomo is a must-try. These 100% Arabica beans undergo a “full flavor” roasting process, resulting in a smooth and unique flavor revered by baristas and coffee enthusiasts across Europe.

Treat yourself to a bag of Dallmayr Prodomo Whole Bean Coffee— these highland beans are processed specially to remove bitterness and irritants, making for a perfect cup for more sensitive caffeine lovers.

Where Can I Buy Dallmayr Coffee?

Unless a visit to Germany is on the docket, Dallmayr Coffee isn’t always easy to find in stores. However, Supermarket Italy is proud to offer products from all around Europe— not just the Mediterranean region. Our German offerings include a large selection of Dallmayr Coffee Products, most notably their renowned Prodomo range, which is available to purchase as whole beans and ground. Our website includes decaf options, as well as pre-ground espresso.

Supermarket Italy offers high-quality brands to gourmet coffee lovers and budding baristas at competitive prices every day. Now, all orders over $50 include shipping for free! There’s no better time to stock up on your favorite coffee blends.