Sanniti Rose Water, 17 oz

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Rose Water has a pleasant floral flavor and aroma

Made by steeping rose petals in water, this is a common ingredient in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine.

Add a dash to rice dishes, cocktails, and even rice pudding.

Sanniti Rose Water adds an excellent floral note to main dishes, drinks, and especially desserts. Many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean desserts call for rose water as it adds a distinctive, flowery flavor. Rose water is also widely used in skin care, as its natural properties are said to help alleviate skin irritation, improve skin moisture and texture, and help with anti-aging. You can freeze this floral water into ice cubes for easy application.

Put a few drops in your normal glass of water for some extra antioxidants and stress-relief. It also pairs well with gin in cocktail recipes since the water's flowery aroma complements the spirit’s unique juniper notes.

Rose water

17 oz (500mL)

Product of Turkey

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