Finca Pascualete Pascualino Cheese, 1.4 lb.

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Pascualino Cheese is an exquisite Spanish cheese

Serve this type of cheese made from sheep's milk on a charcuterie board with fruit and cured meats.

Enjoy on a cheese board with a glass of red wine that complements the sweet flavor of this gourmet Pascualino cheese.

Finca Pascualete Pascualino Cheese is a raw sheep’s milk cheese that has been aged for a minimum of three months. Its signature oval shape and distinctly sweet flavor earned this Spanish cheese a Bronze medal at the 2017 World Cheese Awards. Its notes of vanilla, caramel and toffee provide an exquisite depth of flavor.

Raw sheep milk, rennet, milk enzymes, salt

650 grams (1.4 lb.)


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