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If You Care

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What is If You Care all about?

If You Care is a company that is all about environmental sustainability, as well as helping people live their lives in a way that doesn’t negatively impact our world as much as other brands’ products do. All If You Care products exist to help you go green in a convenient, simple way. Their kitchen accessories are made from sustainable, renewable or recyclable resources and don’t contain harmful chemicals that other kitchen accessories and cleaning products do, like chlorine. If You Care aims to be the healthiest option for you and the environment.

What types of products do they sell?

If You Care sells all types of kitchen accessories, including baking, cooking, and cleaning items. They use only vegetable-based inks, making them a safe, dependable option for vegans. Because all of their items, from Large Baking Cups to 100% Natural Sponge Cloths are made from natural and recyclable materials which makes them great for composting. The entire If You Care line is certified for environmental sustainability by accredited organizations including the USDA.

Why should I buy If You Care products?

Because you care! And also because it is an easy switch to make. Replace your other kitchen accessories and go green with If You Care products that are optimal for composting and reusability. These are quality kitchen products that are healthier for both you and the world around you.