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What is Jarlsberg? 

Jarlsberg cheese is so well-known, one might forget that it is actually a company name and not merely a cheese variety! The famous cheese from Norway is mild, sweet and nutty and will be perfect for charcuterie boards, as well as melted over a variety of side dishes. 

Jarlsberg Was Tested to Perfection

Founded in 1956 in Norway, Jarlsberg was the brainchild of professor Ole Martin Ystgaard at the Dairy Institute at the Agricultural University of Norway. The professor and his researchers worked for years to make the perfect cheese, and the Jarlsberg cheese formula was the end result! Jarlsberg has since expanded to the United States with strict production standards in place. Most importantly, the cheese starter is always sourced from the original Norwegian recipe, so Jarlsberg will still be the same no matter where you taste it in the world. 

What can I make with Jarlsberg Cheese?

Served on a charcuterie board, whether in Jarlsberg Wheel or a Jarlsberg Cheese Snack, Jarlsberg cheese will pair well with spicy, sweet, and acidic flavors. Try it with apricot jam or topped with salty olive tapenade. Jarlsberg cheese is also particularly good for melting. Layer Jarlsberg cheese on panini and grilled cheeses, or use as a pizza topping. Melt jarlsberg over roasted vegetables, potatoes, and poultry for a creamy, cheesy dish.