Mitica Mahon Menorca Cheese Wedge, 8 oz [Pack of 2]

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Mahon Cheese is a sharp, aged cheese from Spain

This Spanish cheese is named after the island of Menorca.

Add a dash of this slightly salty aged Mahón to pasta, pizza, and vegetable dishes.

This semi-hard cheese by Mitica is a DOP cow's milk cheese from the Balearic Islands of Spain. Aged for more than eight months, this unique cheese has a full flavor and is sharp with a nutty taste. This type of cheese also has a vibrant orange rind, making it a visually appealing choice for a charcuterie board.

Enjoy Mitica Mahon Menorca on a cheese board with extra virgin olive oil, fruit and nuts. You can also grate this orange-yellow cheese over dishes like pasta and rice.

Pasteurized cow milk, salt, lysozyme (from egg whites), rennet, cheese cultures

Pack of 2 - 8 oz each

Product of Spain

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