Italian Assorted Gourmet Cheese Sampler - 21 oz total

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This Italian Cheese Sampler has creamy and sharp cheeses

Make this gourmet cheese sampler part of your next charcuterie board.

This gift box sampler contains three varieties of cow's milk cheese.

The range of Italian cheeses is enormous from sweet, creamy, fresh, aged, mild, sharp, blue, smoked, Soft, hard to semi-hard. This sampler from Supermarket Italy is the perfect way to start discovering some of the wonderful and unique cheeses from Italy.

With Montasio DOP cheese, Italian Grana Padano, and Cepparo Asiago Pressato Cheese, this selection of gourmet cheeses is perfect for charcuterie platters and cheese pairs. Pair these cheeses with a selection of fresh fruit, dry-cured meats such as prosciutto and salami, and an olive oil condiment. Or savor these cheeses with crackers and a glass of your favorite wine or sparkling cider.


Cepparo Asiago Pressato Cheese wedge - (7 oz / 200 grams)

Montasio DOP Cheese wedge - (7 oz / 200 grams)

Italian Grana Padano - (7 oz / 200 grams)

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